To all of you who are worried about cleaning

 After a busy day, you want to sit on the sofa and enjoy drinks and drama. However, if you see hair on the floor without realizing it, you may not like it. MOSES, which has provided more comfortable life services, has finally completed the development of a robot vacuum cleaner after many tests.It will be on sale from today.

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MOSESWhat are the features of the robot vacuum cleaner?


Cleaning settings can be set with a smartphone

 Through the app, we realized the connection between the smartphone and the robot vacuum cleaner.Whether you are at home or on the go, you can start cleaning with one click on the app.Take your time and enjoy other things. It also has the ability to select a preferred date and time, reserve a cleaning date and time, and set the operating time.After cleaning, you can check the cleaning history.You can enjoy intelligent life.



 thorough cleaning

 The low height (only 7.8 cm) makes it easy to clean even under beds and crevices where a handy vacuum cleaner cannot reach.Depending on the size of the room, after checking the course, you can thoroughly clean the places you usually overlook. For households with pets, the pet hair that falls on the flooring can be properly sucked up.No more worries about jumping up. Also, spiral runningThorough cleaning has been achieved by using arc-shaped running and running along the wall.



Obstacle detection sensor

 It automatically detects obstacles and cleans while avoiding collisions with furniture.You can easily leave the cleaning to us.

fall prevention

 Since it has a step detection function, it will move to a safe place as soon as it notices the possibility of falling.



Automatic return function

 When charging is required or cleaning is finished, it automatically returns to the charging tank, and there is an LED indicator lamp, so you can check the power shortage when the red lamp flashes.


Cheaper than other robot vacuum cleaners

 As a vacuum cleaner that adopts high-level intelligence technology, it has both high performance and low price. It's more than half the price of other brands of vacuum cleaners.

3 driving modes

 You can choose the mode that suits your home environment from 3 driving modes. It can be used not only on flooring, but also on tatami mats and carpet floors.

 large capacity dust box

 Reduce the frequency of littering. Moreover, it is washable.


Special campaign in progress

 Coupon Dodo until April 19th【moosooig】than the original price by20%offYou can get it for the price.


About after-sales service

 24 months warranty, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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