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MOSESwhat isIs it a brand

 MOSES is a consumer electronics brand founded in 2017.With cutting-edge R&D and unique manufacturing technology knowledge, we are developing various high-performance, low-cost household electrical products, providing optimal home services to families around the world and helping people live healthier lives. , I will send you to a comfortable daily life.

 Until now, we mainly sell vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers, electric shapers, etc.

MOSESSo what manufacturer are you?

  As a Chinese product, it gradually becomes a popular brand in overseas markets. In order to provide a wider range of home appliances, including Moosoo vacuum cleaners, production, development and after-sales service departments are working together to continuously improve quality and provide better products.JIMO Co., Ltd., which I belong to, is a Chinese company, but in order to provide a comfortable shopping experience to Japanese customers, we have established a branch office in Japan.Exterior design is done in Japan, and technology development is jointly developed between Japan and China.The design is comfortable and suitable for Japanese people.

MOSESProduct Line    

 Currently, in terms of products, canister vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, steam mops, high-pressure cleaners, and electric shavers are available on the mail order.

 According to a collection of data, cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular these days.Except for the D600, MS159, and D601, all of the vacuum cleaners we sell are cordless and can be removed from the charging stand for easy handling and ease of use.

 As a universal vacuum cleaner that can clean even the inside of the car, the K12M, K12 and K13 are both in the car and at home. K13 also comes with an extension pipe.

                 MOSES K12 (Gray) Handy Cleaner Can be charged by car 

                                  MooSoo K13 2-in-1 コードレス掃除機



Both the G2 and G3 electric razors are washable and have an LED display so you can see the remaining battery level at a glance, even in the dark. 


 G2  MOOSOO G2 電気シェーバー (水洗い可)


The last product to appear was the vacuum cleaner K17.It has been improved from the first version and has become an improved version.As the one with the most merits, it is ranked high in terms of function and price. cordless andstickwith a vacuum cleaner that also serves as, There is no cord obstruction, space saving, and it can be mounted on a wall by fixing it with the included screws.Since the hose has been increased from the first version, you can attach a pipe and easily deliver to places that cannot be delivered. It also removes dust and hair from beds, futons, sofas, etc.

Compared to other vacuum cleaners we sell, it has more attached tools and has reached 9. In powerful mode, it has a powerful suction power of 17000pa, which sucks up dust such as sand, spilled food, and pebbles. You can open the lid of the dust cup with one touch and throw away the garbage easily. In addition, the head has 4 LED lights, so it is easy to clean even in dark places.

You can see the details here.

MooSoo (モーソー)K17 改良型 2WAY コードレス掃除機

  Since the establishment of the brand, we have been aiming for products that are easy to use and cost-effective. Any product can feel so cheap.


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